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25/8 KINGS


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The 25/8 Kings is a rapidly growing organization that practices and plays tournaments year-round.

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25/8 Kings baseball was started in 2020 with the intent of DEVELOPING players so they could go on and make their perspective Middle/High School teams. 

We like to focus on teaching youth athletes the fundamentals of the game so that it translates to the practice/game field. Building a strong foundation will set the stage to ensure that our athletes have a strong skillset to continue to evolve throughout the different levels of the game.

Playing in competitive tournaments around the Metro Atlanta Area we like to focus in the off-season on developing speed, strength, and agility so that players are stronger/faster the following season.


We pride ourselves on getting each individual athlete better so that they can compete at high levels and reach their personal goals.


Contact us today to find out how your athlete can be a part of our ELITE program.

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